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Coach Dave Hagerty, DPT

Dave has been a Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2017. He has coached fitness and strength since 2009. He saw a disconnect between strength, fitness, and health which led him to pursue his Doctorate. His overarching goal is to help get people stronger, understand their bodies, and provide support and service to members of Strength and Kindness

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Dave is an awesome strength coach. Actually, calling him a strength coach doesn’t do what he does justice. I look at him as more of a life coach. He uses strength training as the modality to support his clients in their personal growth as a whole human.

One example of how I believe training with Dave had a tangible impact on my life was when my children were having tantrums. All 3 of my sons (6,4, and 1.5) were having meltdowns at the mall. Instead of losing control and freaking out, I remained calm and figured out the situation. I believe this is a direct result of training with Dave because I wouldn’t have remained calm before I started training. His program gives me the calm that I need to be a better father.

Jay O

I met Dave very briefly while we were both members of a gym that has since closed. I started working with Dave because I needed some help dealing with injuries but had been continually frustrated by working with people who’s answer was for me to stop lifting weights and do the same band exercises. Dave has helped me stay patient and slowly build while still being able to build strength and muscle. His perspective on stress management and patience have really helped me grow in and out of the gym. I have had great experiences working with Dave and will continue to in the future.


I had been weightlifting as a hobby for a few years before working with Dave, but was never consistent and had no programming to guide me along the way. Just did what felt fun for that day.

I’m one year in with Dave now and the programming is so thoughtful and intentional and makes me excited to go and lift. I’m reaching new goals and numbers I thought I could achieve but wasn't sure how to get there.

Mentally, Dave has helped tremendously with breaking habits of being my own worst enemy with nutrition and more. He has been worth the investment on myself for a better change mentally and physically.


I started working with Dave after a long period of struggling to navigate some back pain issues on my own. I’d got them under control before so I stubbornly thought I should be able to do it again. Within weeks of working with Dave I was confidently increasing my squat and deadlift every week and within three months I was lifting at an intensity I hadn’t done in well over a year. It hasn’t been perfectly linear and I’m not “pain free” but I’m as close to that as I can remember and that feels great!

There’s no magic bullet here, no weird tricks, just a guy who can get me out of my own head, program appropriately loaded exercises based on years of accumulated knowledge and experience and maybe most importantly, Dave has given me the confidence to trust my body and lift heavy again.


I started working with Dave mid-pandemic and about a year after an emergency c-section. He helped me put my athletic body and identity back together. I set the goal of running my fastest marathon while maintaining strength and enjoying a difficult medium term goal that was just for me. He put together a plan that had me not only doing long runs but sprinting, lifting, and integrated the physical demands of my job. Dave has an enormous wealth of knowledge about human physiology, strength training and human performance but I think his greatest strength is figuring out how his clients think and unlocking us. For me this was having to verbalize and understand what I really want. Dave has gotten me to be more consistent, wade through the bullshit and have fun. With his plan and coaching I ran a huge PR in the marathon and feel like an athlete again.


Don't wait. Get on the path to a strong body and a kind mind. Let Strength and Kindness help you build confidence and strength in and out of the gym.